Dave Nielson, cloud thought leader

Dave Nielsen Founder of CloudCamp on Thought Leader Life 009

by Michael J Procopio

Dave Nielsen, thought leaderDave Nielsen Cloud Computing Evangelist, is our guest. With over 8 years of developer marketing experience, Dave helps companies such as PayPal, Wetpaint, Nirvanix, Strikeiron create and run their own developer programs. Prior to Platform D, Dave was PayPal’s first Technical Evangelist and went on to grow the PayPal Developer Network to over 350,000 developers. Dave is also the co-creator of the CloudCamp, a grassroots community for sharing of information about Cloud Computing. Follow Dave at @davenielsen.

Dave talks about unconferences, thought leadership, CloudCamp, and MOOCs.

Tweetable moments:

  • #TLL getting ahead of the trends is one way to be a thought leader via @davenielsen
  • @davenielsen became a thought leader by organizing [@SVForum@CloudSIG] that brought top speakers on the topic#TLL
  • #TLL unconferences are a great way to share knowledge in person in the shortest possible time via @davenielsen

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