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Want to have a game-changing asset you can share with your prospects before a strategy call that shows them why they should work with you?

What is a Credreel?

Credreel is short for “Credibility Sizzle Reel,” which is a short-video interview showcasing who you are by sharing who you serve, what you do, and the credibility you have to do what you do.

People do business with those they know, like and trust. A credreel allows the viewer to better understand who you are and what you stand for before they meet you.

Why Should You Create a Credreel?

  1. It showcases why people should do business with you
  2. It begs the question “tell me more”
  3. It’s memorable and shareable

What To Expect After Booking Your Credreel

  • Instructional info is sent on how to do a great job after signing up
  • Coaching will be provided before starting to shoot your credreel to help make you feel comfortable and help you deliver the best answers (Worth $1.5k)
  • Your credreel will be streamed live on Facebook
  • After shooting your credreel, an intro/outro will be added
  • 7-10 AHA messages and a paragraph summary will be created to share on social media
  • We’ll incorporate your AHA messages (after approval) into an AHAbook on AHAthat and share your content socially
  • Send you swipe copy prior to releasing the VLOG two months down the road
  • Strip out the audio and release it as a C-Suite Radio podcast three months down the road

Book time with Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy who’s helped over 250 professionals create their Credreel.

What is a Credreel (Examples)?

David Meerman Scott

Teresa de Grosbois

Ben Gay III

Why Should You Create a Credreel (Testimonials)?

Shenan Reed

Mark Green

Sarah Lawrence

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