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Lori Harmon on Thought Leader Life 008

Lori Harmon

Our guest is Lori Harmon, a veteran high-tech executive with more than 25 years of strategic and operational experience in all major functional areas including, sales, support, and marketing for some of Silicon Valley’s leading companies. Her expertise lies in building and simplifying organizations, inspiring and developing high performance management teams and streamlining operations.

Lori has a keen ability to understand complex business issues, make solid recommendations and quickly implement solutions that deliver results.

Lori is the CEO and Founder of Quantum Sale helping companies maximize revenue through optimizing their Sales and Sales Operations organizations. She is also the author of 42 Rules for Building a High Velocity Inside Sales Team.

Lori discusses social selling. Here are some Tweetable moments:

  • Inside sales is a very specialized field different from outside sales via Lori Harmon
  • We are in an ask economy and SlideShare provides great value answering my questions @HappyAbout
  • Lori Harmon’s favorite tools for B2B is LinkedIn and Twitter. Twitter good for influencers.
  • Facebook is a challenge for B2B but it has a role to play via Lori Harmon
  • Facebook is a great place to warm up your cold leads @HappyAbout
  • A thought leader is someone who innovates in their field and helps others keep up via Lori Harmon

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