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For the month of February 2015, we had four episodes (59, 60, 61, and 62) that highlighted the role of volunteer organizations in enriching one’s #ThoughtLeadership as well as catalyzing #ThoughtLeadership within companies and among employees. Mitchell Levy was excited to have Lori Ruff (@loriruff), the Chief Brand Officer of ALPFA, The Association of Latino Professionals For America as co-host. In this month’s #TLL interviews, Lori and Mitchell put a spotlight on the women behind the success of ALPFA (


In Episode 59, we had #ThoughtLeaders Ileana Musa (@daiss68y), Chair of Women of ALPFA (, and Suri Surinder (@surisurinder1), Chief Learning Officer at ALPFA. We are given a background on how volunteer organizations can help professionals, as well as students entering the professional world, to discover and develop their full potential. The talk also deals with what authenticity and true leadership truly means, and how one can be not just a mentor, but also a sponsor to Latino professionals.

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Paula Garcia

In Episode 60, Paula A. Garcia (@_Paula_Garcia), the VP for Marketing at the Boston Chapter of ALPFA (, touches on the advantages of being part of a volunteer service organization, and how leaders should see the value of professional development and employee empowerment. The value of volunteer service and professional development is investing in yourself so that you’re worth more to others and others will keep investing in you, keeping you in the loop and on the playground.

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Liz Diep


In Episode 61, Lori and Mitchell share insights with women #ThoughtLeaders Liz Diep (@eli3437) and Toni Riccardi (@riccardired), who both hold senior leadership positions within ALPFA ( The discussion focuses on sponsorship and mentorship and how volunteer, non-profit organizations like ALPFA can help many young Latino students move ahead in their chosen profession and advance in the professional world. To better understand sponsorship, we should realize it’s about recognizing how much you can learn from somebody else. Trust and open up to your sponsors with who you are and where you really want to go, and see what “Aha” moment may come out of it.

Migdalia Diaz

In the final episode(62) for February, Migdalia Diaz, President of The ALPFA Boston Chapter (, shares her insights about mentoring and how to help young professionals advance to leadership positions and succeed in their chosen career. Migdalia has been referred by Lori as an inspirational leader who has been sought out by other chapter presidents of ALPFA for motivation and advice. Having taken a key role in steering such a big organization, Migdalia sees mentorships as an opportunity to give back, and how it becomes a different relationship and a different conversation when you have invested in the development of a person.

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The four episodes provide encouragement and concrete reasons why supporting and joining volunteer organizations like ALPFA is something every future #ThoughtLeader should consider.

Join us again in the next episode of #TLL, where we will have Jim Canfield as co-host.

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