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Thought Leader Life 029: Guest Lydia Sugarman

Lydia Sugarman thought leaderOn 28 June our guest was Lydia Sugarman (@lksugarman).  

Lydia is a pioneer in the Internet space, bringing a uniquely qualified and sophisticated level of understanding of integrated social media marketing, online marketing, marketing automation and Integrated Agile Marketing ™. 

She successfully founded and launched the B-to-B technology company, Venntive. 

Venntive is the unique, comprehensive, integrated platform that seamlessly integrates marketing automation, sales, and relationship management applications. Enterprise, scalable, yet affordable for young companies.

Venntive naturally introduces cross-discipline transparency and aligns sales, marketing, and corporate agendas to facilitate communication and maximize revenues. 

Venntive also offers its experience and expertise to clients to develop and execute strategic online marketing and sales plans via Integrated Agile Marketing engagement.


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