Thought Leader Life 044: Guest Eileen McDargh

Our guest on 11 Oct was Eileen McDargh (@macdarling).

Eileen McDargh thought leader

As a keynote speaker, Eileen McDargh provides customized content, interaction, and insights designed to help individuals develop resilience skills for leadership and life. Her inspirational speeches are sought after by meeting planners around the world.

As a facilitator, she works intensely with executive teams in off-sites and functional meetings to address interpersonal dynamics, tackle issues, and produce specific results. “She makes strong teams even stronger,” Dr. Rob Kowalski, Global Head Novartis.

As a consultant, she helps organizations execute key in-person events from small strategic planning sessions to large-scale company-wide meetings. She works with planning teams to give them creative input on everything from theme to program flow, pacing and training.

As a moderator or emcee, Eileen helps create audience-centered questions, provides continuity, and offer in-the-moment humor and information.

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