Thought Leader Life 050: Guest Lisa Joy Rosner

Our guest on 22 November was Lisa Joy Rosner (@lisajoyrosner).



Lisa Joy Rosner is a veteran marketing executive in Silicon Valley, who is known for her creative and educational approach to building and transforming brands.

Lisa Joy is an active blogger and guest columnist on topics across the marketing spectrum. She has served on the marketing advisory board for the Silicon Valley Red Cross and the Wornick School as well as the Content Committee of, the AMA and Benchmark. A guest lecturer at the Hass School of Business, Stanford the Tuck School of Business and Universtiy of Wisconsin, Lisa Joy has been quoted in top tier press including The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, HBR and Giga-Om. Named a “Silicon Valley Woman of Influence” abd B2B Marketer of the Year in 2013, Ms. Rosner received a bachelor’s degree (Summa Cum Laude) in English literature from the University of Maryland. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and mother to four young (and incredibly cute) children.

In this episode, Mitchell and Michael hang out with #ThoughtLeader Lisa Joy Rosner, the newly named Chief Marketing Officer of Neustar, which is a cloud-based information services and data analytics company. As a known brand transformation veteran in Silicon Valley, she shares some of her thoughts about content development, content marketing, and how to transform brands to make them successful. Lisa thinks that #ThoughtLeadership is oftentimes misused, and notes that, for corporations, it should mean having a platform in which you build communications with your customers, prospects, and community that adds value to their business life. She describes Neustar in one word: Identity. Lisa then explains why identity information is so relevant these days, and that it should be protected, analyzed, and used in a way that it will help you achieve success in business. She shares how brand transformation can be undertaken, citing important components, including building a comprehensive editorial calendar that ties together all your content. As an expert marketer, Lisa has one piece of advice: use your data to market yourself. One chunk can actually be repurposed and posted on different channels and platforms, so that many customers will be able to read and appreciate it. Another strategy that she uses to achieve brand transformation is employing SSPs, or super-smart people.

Lisa also shares how to implement an influencer program, which will help you greatly in putting the brand forward. Identify top influencers who can also be bloggers, so they can build the brand in an authentic and relevant way, giving a human element to the business.

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• Customer voice is important, but employee voice is vital for building morale & telling a story. @neustar
• People do business w/ people. The more you give a human element in business & connections, the more it leads to success. @neustar
• Make sure that customer voice is part of your #ThoughtLeadership platform. @nuestar
• Nothing is more interesting than the voice of a happy customer. @neustar


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