Thought Leader Life 059: Guests Ileana Musa and Suri Surinder

Our co-host for the month of February is Lori Ruff (@loriruff) and our guests for February 14 were Ileana Musa (@Daiss68y) and Suri Surinder (@SuriSurinder1).



In this episode, Mitchell Levy and his co-host for the month of February, Lori Ruff (@loriruff), hang out with #Thought Leaders Ileana Musa (@Daiss68y), chair of Women of ALPFA: Association of Latino Professionals For America ( and Suri Surinder (@SuriSurinder1), Chief Learning Officer at ALPFA. The discussion covers the role of ALPFA in promoting #ThoughtLeadership and how it helps Latino professionals discover and develop their full potential. The talk also deals with what authenticity and true leadership is about and how one can be both a mentor and a sponsor to Latino professionals. In helping Latino women, Ileana notes that ALPFA offers a forum in which they can come together, collaborate, and share experiences. With this, women are able to drive their experiences as a Latina to really be impactful to the workplace as well as personally. For Suri, building Latino leadership is summed up in four Es: Education, Exposure, Experience, and Execution.

Asked about their experiences with having mentors, Lori shares that she learned about the importance of being authentic and asking questions that really drive conversations. For Ileana, sponsorship, not just mentoring, is key to developing oneself to become a risk-taker, noting that a sponsor is someone who pushes you while simultaneously standing as your greatest advocate. Suri talks about the responsibility of the protégé to reach out to the sponsor, which they can do by changing their mindset from “Get a sponsor, and you will excel,” to “Excel, and you will get a sponsor.” The conversation also touches on the greatest Aha moments for Lori, Ileana, and Suri. Interestingly, their answers highlight the influence of their family (parents, children, and loved ones).

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• Women are contributing more today than ever before in creating a vibrant society. @loriruff #TLL #ALPFA
• New ideas grow organically through interactions. @Daiss68y#TLL
• If you deliver great outcomes, people will bend over backwards to sponsor you. @SuriSurinder1 #TLL
• The magic bullet for success in life: work hard and smart while doing the right thing. @Daiss68y #TLL #ALPFA


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