Thought Leader Life 067: Guest Chris Becwar

Our co-host for the month of April is Chris Kenton (@ckenton) and one of our guests for April was Chris Becwar (@cbec100).


Chris Becwar

In this episode, Mitchell Levy and his co-host for the month of April, Chris Kenton, interview #ThoughtLeader Chris Becwar, Senior Director of Marketing & Product, CCI Global Channel Management. The conversation started with a question on the observation that Chris Becwar was able to witness the dramatic change of the entire business over the last few years. What interested him the most is the quest for answers on how it affects the business process and the marketing through indirect channels. He definitely is in the right position to share the changes that he was able to witness as he’s working for a company wherein it happens to be the fundamental building block as it provides financial and program plumbing for automating in large vendor relationships with massive network of resellers and partners. The company does conduct surveys to find out the pain points of the vendors that they’re providing their services with. One of the more interesting revelations that he was able to find out was that there has been a number of questions about what are the channel professional struggling with today? What are the kind of overarching pain points that they’re really looking to overcome? He was able to witness that the concerns that they used to hear from their clients on their day to day encounter is different from what they’ve heard in the past but one of the pain points that remains unchanged, is the traditional core challenge of channel management that tends to prove on the Return of Investment (ROI) and how to identify on who’s moving the needle the most and who is not. Assisting companies in their driving traction to arrive at a decision to which partner to invest to involve so much risk and past performance of the new prospect partner is not the sole indicator to predict the future performance. Companies do need to adapt to change and be innovative.

One of the big factors of channel success today, is having a deciding factor to venture and try innovative ways to grow one’s business by not just being stuck on the traditional ways that you’re used to. It is looking for ways to be able to engage in talking to experts who can understand the marketing personas with a level of intuition, empathy and you can clearly understand the pain points to create compelling value proposition. These experts doesn’t necessarily have to be in your organization. Mitchell Levy shared his point of view to keep in mind to practice the need of, thought leadership as you actively engage your employees in the process.
There has been innovative and new technologies out in the market but one of the keys to the success factor of a business is the customer service, the dedication and expertise of it. How well do you manage your relationship with your customer even after buying your product? Your business will definitely stand out even if you’re surrounded with the new technologies of your competitors as long as you know how to execute support and have long term customer relationship.

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• The core challenge channel management tend to prove is the Return of Investment (ROI). @CCIChannels #TLL
• From a business standpoint, it is smart for business to build their ecosystem where they have persistent customers. @ckenton #TLL
• What is your customer service’s dedication and expertise? @CCIChannels #TLL
• In the age of thought leadership, employees in the organization needs to be actively engaged in. @happyabout #TLL


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