Thought Leader Life 068: Guest Sridhar Ramanathan

Our co-host for the month of April is Chris Kenton (@ckenton) and one of our guests for April was Sridhar Ramanathan (@sramanathan).


Sridhar Ramanathan

In this episode, Mitchell Levy and his co-host for the month of April, Chris Kenton, interview #ThoughtLeader Sridhar Ramanathan, COO of Aventi Group. Mitchell and Sridhar met five or eight years ago, making this a great opportunity for them to reconnect. Sridhar has run a high technology marketing agency for many years, and he has been able to observe and witness a tremendous transformation in the business world, where what used to be big value added to integration and implementation has now led to a dramatic change in the channel. There is a great emphasis on making a sharp point on a value proposition for the channel partner, where their value and how they make money is really defined.

In the past, service always meant professional services like integration and support, but now it seems to mean something a bit different in terms of trying to ensure that clients are getting business value added to the solution that’s being provided. Sridhar being in the product marketing agency industry is an advantage, because he knows the different nature of the businesses and what a certain business specializes in. He emphasizes the thought that the value proposition for the channel partner plays an important aspect, but this has revolved less around the professional services, even though it still depends on the type of partner that one is searching for and in need of. If one starts to look for solution providers, then the service they’re offering is actually more like advisory services, where their solution companies add value by presenting insights, risks, threats, and opportunities. Sridhar highlights another core of the best practice-sharing companies, in which customers look to the channel partner and ask what practices they are seeing from the client base and seek assistance on how to leverage those practices. He exclaims that it’s a very high value contribution that the other partner can make.

In the sharing of his point of view on certain topics, Sridhar is able to value one of the most important aspects he has seen from established companies and how they are able to thrive in these changing times, which is the practice and influence of thought leadership. He became a witness on the positive outcome that thought leadership contributes to businesses. And Sridhar can truly say that’s he’s a believer of that kind of strategy, as he included it as part of his business and will still be influencing other companies as he works with them through his own business.

One of the transformations he has been able to witness, pertaining to the positive outcome of what thought leadership is able to contribute to the success of a company, is how they’re focusing their effort on thought leadership content being pulled. Customers are very intelligent, and they’re out there with the context in those organizations. Customers are also savvy, and they’ll go online to enter a keyword, so if thought leadership content is found online, there’s no need for them to call a vendor to learn about products that they’re interested in. In their own way, they have been able to educate themselves on products they want before making a specific purchase.

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• There is tremendous transformation going on in business models, especially in the channel. @sramanathan #TLL
• Professional service now seems to be trying to ensure that clients get the business value-added solution. @ckenton #TLL
• Looking across the entire business world, everything is changing, which includes the nature of the channel. @happyabout #TLL
• Successful companies are focusing on thought leadership. @sramanathan #TLL


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