Thought Leader Life 070: Guest Carol Meyers

Our co-host for the month of April is Chris Kenton (@ckenton) and one of our guests for April was Carol Meyers (@CarolJMeyers).


Carol Meyers

In this episode, Mitchell Levy and his co-host for the month of April, Chris Kenton, interview #ThoughtLeader Carol Meyers, CMO of Rapid7, which engineers better security with simple, innovative solutions for IT security’s most critical challenges. Their security data and analytics solutions collect, contextualize, correlate, and analyze the security data necessary to dramatically reduce threat exposure and detect compromise in real-time. The session starts with Mitchell sharing his point of view on the dramatic changes he has observed in almost every aspect of the business, especially in channel management. We also hear from Carol, who has an extensive marketing and sales expertise and proven success in driving technology companies to growth.

She has had the CMO role for large and established companies, which equips her with the right attitude and skills to be able to influence and hone good channel managers and bring out the best in them. Sales and marketing plays an important part of the business, yet what sets her apart from other professionals is that Carol takes pride in creating and maintaining long-term relationship with customers, not just driving sales into the company to hit home runs.

Carol has come a long way in her career with a lot of passion. In her journey in the business world, she has been able to witness many tremendous changes that have happened, and she makes use of those to think outside the box to adapt and thrive in these changing times. She has been able to appreciate the importance and the value of using thought leadership in channel management. She sees great need of it as buyers are becoming more empowered and savvy. Buyers already know how to get more information on the product they’re interested in, and they’ll research before actually purchasing it. With her creativeness, Carol adapts to the changes that have been happening in the market, and carries the practice of thought leadership with almost every step she makes.

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• What’s changed with the channel is the idea of integration. @CarolJMeyers #TLL
• Tremendous change is not with the leaders of technology, but in channel management. @happyabout #TLL
• There’s so much that’s changing with all the disruption on cloud migration. @ckenton #TLL
• Channel plays a key role, making it incumbent for all providers of software products. @CarolJMeyers #TLL


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