Thought Leader Life 075: Co-host Todd Van Hoosear

Our co-host for the month of June is Todd Van Hoosear (@vanhoosear).


Todd Van Hoosear

In this episode, Mitchell Levy introduces his co-host for the month of June, #ThoughtLeader Todd Van Hoosear (@vanhoosear), Vice President for Public Relations and Stakeholder Engagement at HB Agency. Having met for the first time at a conference, Mitchell and Todd are both excited to work together for this month’s #TLL interviews, which will focus on B2B – specifically on how to develop individual #ThoughtLeadership brands alongside the corporate brand. With many corporations still struggling with the concept of promoting the individual #ThoughtLeadership of their employee base, the question of how organizations can strike a balance between individual and corporate brands is extremely relevant, especially for B2B organizations. Mitchell has always believed that 100% of the employee base of any organization, big or small, should be #ThoughtLeaders. This is echoed by Todd, who as a lecturer at Boston University always tells his students that in today’s world, everyone is a spokesperson of the organization they work for, whether they realize it or not.

For this month, four #ThoughtLeaders are lined up. First is Scott Monty (@ScottMonty), who recently left his company to build his own consulting firm, Scott Monty Strategies. He will share the transition process from corporate to entrepreneurship. Paul Gillin is next, and he will talk about how he built his personal #ThoughtLeadership brand. Another exciting interview will be with Ann Handley, who will share valuable tips on how to create content for #ThoughtLeadership. And the final surprise guest will talk about their advocacy to create an alternative to venture capital funding.

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• Building the individual brand is about being authentic and trustworthy. @happyabout #TLL
• In today’s world, everybody is a medium and a spokesperson for their organization. @vanhoosear #TLL
• When you have 100% of your employee base sharing content that may be picked up by media, it’s a wild dynamic! @vanhoosear #TLL


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