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Thought Leader Life 080: Co-host Scott Abel

Our co-host for the month of July is Scott Abel (@ScottAbel).


Scott Abel Thought Leader

In this episode, Mitchell Levy formally introduces his co-host for the month, Scott Abel, known as the Content Wrangler (, as they give an overview of the #TLL interviews for the coming weeks. The conversations will focus on the use of content to drive customer experience and answer questions like: How do you create, manage, and deliver content in more advanced ways? How do you get customer buy in? Mitchell notes that in today’s world, customers can easily transfer from one product or service to another with fewer “opportunity costs.” The challenge is to make your customers not want to transfer to another brand. To do this, according to Scott, you should be focused on providing great customer experience, which should be from end-to-end: from when the customer considers your brand, right up to post-sales. Given that, marketing, sales, technical support, and content creators need to work together and understand that all content is created for one kind of customer or group of customers. Don’t create content differently.

The customer doesn’t gravitate toward a company where they get different experiences every time they interact with your brand. They prefer to have a consistent experience. People are more comfortable with predictable outcomes. Testing the waters with content is the best way to know if you are reaching people at every touchpoint. Do you and your employees all sound like you work in the same company? If the answer is no, you’re not doing it right.
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• With all the changes intechnology happening around us today, we have to think differently about how we make content. Do you? @scottabel #TLL
• Give customers a great, easy to understand experience. @scottabel #TLL
• Customer experience means buying into the brand and service. Do your customers buy into yourbrand? @happyabout #TLL


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