Thought Leader Life 092: Guest Peter Hoppenfeld

Our co-host for the month of September is Peter Winick (@PeterWinick) and one of our guests was Peter Hoppenfeld (@PeterHoppenfeld).


Peter Hoppenfeld

In this episode, Mitchell Levy, Chief Aha Instigator of the Aha Amplifier (, and his co-host for the month, #ThoughtLeader Peter Winick, founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage (,hold an incredibly interesting discussion with #ThoughtLeader Peter Hoppenfeld (, a strategist, advisor, and transactional commercial attorney. In what Mitchell calls the best #TLL interview ever content-wise, this episode follows the month’s focus on the business side of #ThoughtLeadership. Discussed topicsranged from owning one’s intellectual property to being open to many distribution channels to make optimal use of your content. Peter Winick and Peter Hoppenfelddetailed a fewof the techniques that successful #ThoughtLeaders have been employing to make their content known to the world while monetizing their #ThoughtLeadership. They emphasized that exploiting your intellectual property in a good way and being open to multiple channels without necessarily being tied to a work-for-hire contract is a sure way to success in today’s world. Nowadays, you don’t need to think of yourself as an author or define yourself as a speaker; instead, you should consider yourself as someone in the content business.

Peter Hoppenfeld gives clear advice to #ThoughtLeaders: avoid bright, shiny objects, and don’tbe lured into selling your content to publishers on a one-time basis. You can license your content on your own, distribute it to different channels, and make a business out of it without letting traditional publishers take control. Leverage your #ThoughtLeadership and learn how to retain ownership of it. To learn more about Thought Leadership and how it can help you be successful, subscribe to the channel:

Here are a couple of AhaMessages from the episode. See more in the “Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, Aha Amplifier:

• #ThoughtLeadership is really about experience, originality, and a community respecting and following you. @PeterHoppenfeld #TLL
• Maintain ownership of your content and understand that you can make more money on your own. @PeterWinick #TLL
• You make more money by being open to opportunities to use your intellectual property in multiple ways. @PeterHoppenfeld#TLL
• In the content business, when you license the use of content, other people can use, acquire, or consume but not own it. @HappyAbout #TLL


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