Thought Leader Life 096: Guest Dr. Narendra Kini

Our co-host for the month of October is Jeff Shavitz (@JeffShavitz) and one of our guests was Dr. Narendra Kini (@Nicklaus4Kids).


Narendra Kini

In this episode, Mitchell Levy, Chief Aha Instigator of the Aha Amplifier (,and his co-host for the month, #ThoughtLeaderJeff Shavitz (, founder of TrafficJamming (, speak with #ThoughtLeader and recognized medical expert Dr. Narendra Kini. This month’s episodes will focus on a question many businesses are asking: Is there still a need to drive foot traffic to a physical location? As a leader in children’s healthcare, the Miami Children’s Hospital (, renamed the Nicklaus Children Hospital, has been at the forefront of innovating patient experience with technology, and Dr. Kini explains how one should look at foot traffic when it comes to healthcare. He says that physical visits to a hospital nowadays is only called for in extreme circumstances; otherwise, technology helps make visits not necessary. Still, he believes that there will not be a time when physical visits to the doctor will disappear.And even if, for example, a doctor can check on a child from across a Skype call, the “TLC” is still there because the “eye-time” given to the patient is longer. In any case, the greatest driver of foot traffic to a facility, healthcare or not, is when you become the source of trusted content. When a parent sees that you have the right information at a time when they have to make a healthcare decision, traffic will automatically come your way.

Dr. Kini emphasizes that in today’s world, for a vast majority of what consumers need, we have incredibly innovative ways to bring that experience to the consumer.This can be done in healthcare, wherever the patient may be: in their homes, at work, during travel, or on any smart peripheral device they may have with them. Wouldn’t it be incredible to get immediate attention wherever you are, rather than having to drive to an emergency room?

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• A safe, healing environment that considers the anxiety of the child is what healthcare should be. @Nicklaus4Kids #TLL
• If you become the source of trusted content, that will be your biggest driver for foot traffic. @Nicklaus4Kinds #TL
• How do you achieve bringing healthcare to any child, anytime, anywhere? @jeffshavitz #TLL
• Holistic service in healthcare shouldbe focused on reaching you wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. @happyabout #TLL


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