Thought Leader Life 100: Co-host Kami Huyse

Our co-host for the month of November is Kami Huyse (@kamichat).


Kami Huyse

In episode 100 of #ThoughtLeaderLife, Mitchell Levy, Chief Aha Instigator of the Aha Amplifier (, issues a shout-out to Michael Procopio (@michaelprocopio), who started #TLL with him in 2013. Also in this episode, Mitchell formally introduces his co-host for the month, #ThoughtLeader Kami Huyse, CEO of Zoetica Media ( This month, Kami has lined up four #ThoughtLeaders to guest on the show to talk about cause marketing and how it can drive success for companies. Mitchell says that cause marketing is an opportunity to tie the company to the community and be in a situation where everybody benefits. Kami emphasizes that cause marketing should not just be part of the company DNA, it should be something the company and its employees are genuinely passionate about. It should represent what the company and its people stand for.

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• In cause marketing, it’s a win-win-win! @kamichat #TLL
• Company, Community, Cause – that’s your Triple C. @happyabout #TLL
• People sense what’s real and what’s not. They sense genuineness vs. being there just to make a buck. @kamichat #TLL


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