Thought Leader Life 113: Guests Han-Gwon Lung and Dan Foley

Our co-host for the month of March is Jacob Warwick (@JacobWarwick) and one of our guests were Han-Gwon Lung (@HanGwonLung) and Dan Foley (@tailoredinker).

Han-Gwon Lung

Dan-FoleyIn this episode, Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of Ahas at the Aha Amplifier (, and his co-host for the month, Jacob Warwick, copywriter and brand storyteller, along with guests Han-Gwon Lung, Tailored Ink CEO and co-founder, and Dan Foley, Tailored Ink co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer have a discussion on millennial authenticity and what it means for thought leadership. The hosts and guests expressed their viewpoints about authenticity in the millennial generation. Han-Gwon Lung defined authenticity as “more than just being yourself.”

The discussion touched on Internet’s paradoxical role in millennial authenticity, authenticity’s relationship with empathy and narcissism, and how social media plays a big role in how millennials think, as well as how copywriters can maintain personal authenticity without setting aside or overpowering the client’s.

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Here are a couple of AhaMessages from the episode. See more in the “Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, Aha Amplifier:

• Authenticity is when you don’t do things out of fear. @HanGwonLung #TLL
• If you cannot contribute to a community the way it is built to be, then don’t be there. @JacobWarwick #TLL
• The Internet is a paradox as a builder and destroyer of millennial authenticity. @tailoredinker #TLL
• As a novelist, you have to be your authentic self. As a copywriter, you have to be as authentic as another person. @HanGwonLung #TLL
• Do millennials truly support a stance out of empathy or just because a brand’s stance supports their narcissism? @JacobWarwick #TLL


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