Thought Leader Life 117: Guest Tiffany Vuong

Our guest for Episode #117 is Tiffany Vuong (@TiffanyVuong).



Ah… Millennials, often the most misunderstood among all the generations. Fortunately, we were able to invite millennial Tiffany Vuong on Thought Leader Life and she was able to shed some light on their generation so we can understand them better.

Millennials are defined as those born in the early 1980s to early 2000s. They grew up when the world was already brimming with gadgets and at the peak of internet and social media. And this is why Tiffany talked about the perks and pitfalls of social media for their generation. They have always been perceived to be narcissists because of their posts on social media but she clarifies that they just utilize the social media to build their personal brand.

In this episode, which we can also call “When Gen X Met Gen Y”, Mitchell Levy, Gen X, Chief Instigator of AHAs at AHAthat: and Tiffany Vuong, Gen Y, author of the AHAbook “Millennial Pet Peeves” discuss how one can benefit from the AHAthat platform.

Tiffany recounted her experience in writing her AHAbook, from the difficulties she encountered to the ease in which she was able to finish it because of the intrinsic qualities of the AHAthat platform. The process of writing an AHAbook was discussed in detail by both Mitchell and Tiffany, starting with the 4-question form.

On a personal note, Tiffany shared how creating an AHAbook has transformed her – from an introvert to a confident individual with an expansive network, which she can tap when she graduates from college and enters the proverbial “real world.” For her, the AHAbook is something that she can utilize to propel her to a brighter future.

She also shared some excerpts from her book “Millennial Pet Peeves”, which is a joy to read.

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Here are some AHAmessages from the episode. See more in the “Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, AHAthat:

• Once I touched on something, I didn’t want to repeat it because I wanted to save that space for a new thought. @TiffanyVuong #AHAmessages
• You should be able to talk about your accomplishments. You should be able to be proud of what you’re doing. @TiffanyVuong #ThoughtLeaderLife
• If somebody doesn’t really want to help you on one thing, maybe they won’t be good partners to do other things with as well. @HappyAbout
• With AHAthat, you can quote other people and by doing so, you increase your “AHA leaderness” and your ability to be successful. @HappyAbout
• How do you want to help the people that read your book? @TiffanyVuong #AHAbooks #ThoughtLeaderLife
• Write an AHAbook and you will be transformed too. Your confidence level will increase and it will take you forward in your life. @HappyAbout
• We must be intentional with everything around us, all the resources that we have with us today. @TiffanyVuong #ThoughtLeaderLife


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