Thought Leader Life 122: Guest Lars Clausen

Our guest for Episode #122 is (Lars Clausen).



Is thought leadership practical at all? This is a question that is both asked and answered in this episode where Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of AHAs at AHAthat:, and co-host Kent Gustavson, founder and CEO of Blooming Twig Books, interview Lars Clausen, founder of NoPTSD:

This time, the discussion is not about virality nor resonance but about the practicality of thought leadership. Lars intimately shares his personal struggle with acting on an idea as opposed to doing something more practical — a struggle that most thought leaders are probably facing, too.

Thought-provoking questions are brought up in this episode as it really gets into the depth of what thought leadership is all about. Questions like: If you had to choose between advocating an idea or making a living, what would you choose? Good if you can do both, just as what some thought leaders have done with their lives, but if you can only choose between cash or change, which would you choose? And will you really be at peace choosing one over the other? Or have you ever found yourself in that crossroad where you ask yourself: if you didn’t have to work for the money, what would you do?

Mitchell also presents the Head-Heart-Feet Model, where the goal of a CEO is to have a good vision, execute it from the heart, then do what they say other people should do. But the practical take is if you cannot feed the head and heart, the feet are not moving anywhere.

Lars also talks about the ICE (Identify, Calm, Exchange) method that he created to help people melt the barriers to their forward motion, to them birthing their thoughts into the world. The meat of the discussion is actually on overcoming blocks in thought leadership. Kent highlights the importance of freedom from any sort of attachment (like fear) in being a thought leader. This freedom is equated with calm, which is needed to be an effective thought leader. Whatever method you choose to achieve a state of calm, the important thing is to get there, because being a thought leader requires stability.

Lastly, Kent talks passionately about leaving a legacy, reminding us to do our share in changing the world.

May you break free and be the great, fearless person you are designed to be.

“The more we can heal our fears and upsets, the better we can live a life that matters.”
Lars Clausen

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• Changing the world looms over us. It’s not practical, but what’s interesting is to bring that existential down to the practical. @drkent #TLL
• There are people who give off themselves and live almost at the poverty line, but they’re willing to do it to change the world. @drkent #TLL


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