Thought Leader Life 123: Guest Nadia Sotnikova

Our guest for Episode #123 is Nadia Sotnikova (@nadia_sotnikova).



In this episode, Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of AHAs at AHAthat:, together with his co-host, Kent Gustavson, CEO of Blooming Twig Books, holds an exciting and content-driven interview with the passionate Nadia Sotnikova, VP of Business Development at Blooming Twig Books, nomad, growth hacker, and worldpreneur. They open the discussion about what practical thought leadership really means, how everybody can become an AHAleader, and how to create an impact locally and make a difference. The conversation also points out the importance of crafting good, authentic, and valuable content focused on helping individuals and businesses solve common problems. The interview also talks about how social media tools enable your content and your brand to go viral.

Nadia and Kent then converse about the significance of having compelling content that aims to meet each client’s goals. They put emphasis on how being authentic and real plays an important part in building great content that people will support, look after, patronize, and share. You will be amazed and influenced how these nomads stir and energize those who want to become leaders in their areas of expertise. Mitchell then ends the discussion with much amusement about how this episode truly became successful and worth listening to.

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Here are a couple of AhaMessages from the episode that you shouldn’t miss. See more in the “Aha Moments From Thought Leader Life” eBooks that are up for grab in the social media-enabled eBook platform, AHAthat,

• Practical Thought Leadership is about using your knowledge and expertise to actually createan impact and make a difference. @nadia_sotnikova
• You can’t control virality. There’s no magic pill or spell for it. You don’t know what can and will go viral. @nadia_sotnikova
• Your content needs to have a storytelling approach, a real connection that can help solve people’s problems. @drkent
• As long as you know what your end goal is, a tool is simply like a fork. It’s much easier to eat if you have one. @happyabout


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