Thought Leader Life 124: Co-host Kent Gustavson

For Episode #124, we have again our co-host Kent Gustavson (@DrKent) .



In this episode, Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of AHAs at AHAthat:, together with his co-host, Kent Gustavson, CEO of Blooming Twig Books, takes into account different ideas and opinions about what Practical Thought Leadership really means. They started the discussion about what makes up an AHAleader, who they are, what they do for the community, and how they make an impact locally and globally. They also point out the importance of both time and money in building an authentic, creative, and helpful productor content. The session also discusses three options in creating your content: D.I.Y., or Do It Yourself; D.I.F.Y., or Do It For You; and D.I.W.Y, or Do It With You. They bat around the significance of hiring third parties and building the right team to assist you so you won’t have to do the work all by yourself.

Mitchell and Kent then take the discourse deeper as they mark how the great democratizing force of the internet today enables people to become not only consumers but also producers of content. They encourage existing and soon-to-be AHAleaders to drive the world toward a brighter and better future and curate content that will help people figure out what works best for them and become successful. You will be astonished how these two AHAleaders use their human voice to help communicate with others, build positive associations, and address people as people.

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• If you want to become an AHAleader, you have to be an influencer. You need to have AHAs to share. @drkent
• Your job is to become the AHAleader in the space you play, so people are naturally attracted to you. @happyabout
• If you have great intention and find the right team, you can have an amazing product without doing the work yourself. @drkent
• Anything you do in business comes down to time and money. Do you have the time or money to get it done? @happyabout


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