Thought Leader Life 128: Guest Bill Lee

Our co-hosts for Episode 128 are John Dunlap (@JohnCDunlap) and Marty Desrochers (@IconicMarty) and our guests is Bill Lee.



In this episode, Mitchell Levy, The AHA Guy at AHAthat:, together with his co-hosts, John Dunlap, CEO of Iconic Attractions Group (, and Marty Desrochers, President of Operation: Pineapple (, hold a thought-provoking interview with Bill Lee, General Manager of Benchmark Hotels and Resorts (

Bill, who has over 20 years of hospitality leadership experience, draws useful tips on how to maximize cash flow while keeping guests engaged and well taken care of. He says that with an enhanced revenue management technique and understanding of your customers’ unique nature, you will be able to effectively meet or even exceed their expectations.

If you don’t want your product or service to settle for the mediocre, then consider listening to this session. You can get effective techniques on how to consistently deliver more than what is expected from your business. This episode will help you find a way to wow your customers again and again.

There will be one more exciting session, where they will ask another remarkable guest to share invaluable experiences and tips on how to enhance revenue management techniques and boost profit.

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Don’t miss the following inspiring AHAmessages from the episode:

• It’s all about your customers’ experience. You can benefit from trying to get them to try new things.
• Want an effective marketing strategy? Position your products based on their value and benefit. @IconicMarty
• It’s a great experience when you go to an area and are able to talk to someone who’s knowledgeable and insightful. @happyabout
• If you want to drive prices at a premium level, you have to offer high-quality products and use efficient marketing strategies. @JohnCDunlap

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