Thought Leader Life 140: Guest Scot Ferrell

Natalie Forest

In this episode, Mitchell Levy (@HappyAbout), TEDx speaker and the AHA Guy at AHAthat (, and co-host Natalie Forest(@NatalieForest), founder of Success Revolutions and Revolutionize Your Potential (, had a great discussion with #ThoughtLeader Scot Ferrell (@RealScotFerrell), a life and business strategist, and founder and CEO of The Scot Ferrell Companies, LLC (

Named by Forbes as the “go-to family and business strategist,” Scot focuses on helping individuals discover their skill sets, whether for business or personal reasons. He implies that it is vital to know what we really want out of life. It’s such a simple yet helpful step toward knowing our purpose and achieving our potential. He compassionately shares his thoughts and experiences about how to create efficient strategies to effectively improve ourselves and reach our goals in life.

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Here are a couple of AHA messages from the episode. See more in the “Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, AHAthat:

  • Figure out your #Purpose. What are your gifts, talents, and skills? How are you going to apply them? @RealScotFerrell #TLL
  • We all have different skill sets. But we must create a concept that fits those differences, not the other way around. @RealScotFerrell
  • Don’t know how to achieve your #Potential? Then try slowing things down. Make very simple, doable things one at a time. @RealScotFerrell
  • Work with whatever parameters you have at the time you’re ready to start the game. Are you ready? #Potential @HappyAbout #TLL
  • Find a few minutes in life to meditate. It’ll help you be at your best possible #Potential for the things that come up. @NatalieForest


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