Thought Leader Life 154: Guest Tanya Lacy

Our guest for the month is Tanya Lacy (

Tanya Lacy

In this episode, Mitchell Levy (, TEDx speaker and the AHA Guy at AHAthat (, introduces his co-host for the month, #ThoughtLeader Ronan Leonard (, also known as the Mastermind Guy, who enables business leaders to gain more revenue through that essential thing called ROI, Return On Intellect. He facilitates discussions and intensive sets of training that enable people to find their hidden genius and fully utilize it for self and organizational development.

This episode got more exciting when positive business strategist, Tanya Lacy (, joined the discussion and shared her thoughts on how to bring out people’s untapped genius and potential while continually promoting boundless business improvements.

Tanya Lacy shared her thoughts on Masterminding, which is unraveling greater power in synchronizing a diverse set of talents through the establishment of a genuinely caring support system. She and co-host Ronan Leonard made amazing revelations about how organizations can optimize people and their full talents through collaboration and co-creation. From this episode, we were able to pull out over 50 AHAmessages that all business leaders should ponder. No matter how your business is going right now, these brilliant thoughts from Tanya Lacy and Ronan Leonard will surely help you understand the essence of collaboration among the people in the business.

Here are a few of the AHAmessages that were curated from these leaders’ inspiring and eye-opening thoughts, which are all about winning big in the business through a collaborative business leadership approach:

  • Spotting others’ potential is easy, but appreciating it and drawing it out of them the right way is more difficult. #Collaboration
  • Business owners and managers should realize that they can’t figure out everything all by themselves. No one has all the answers. #Collaboration among other members of the organization will make a huge difference.
  • To be a #Mastermind, you need to learn how to support yourself and then connect with society to both learn and provide learning. #Collaboration
  • Everyone is a catalyst of other people’s potentials. Are you a catalyst? #Collaboration #Collaboration
  • Effective #Mentoring begins where #Ego ends. #Collaboration

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