Thought Leader Life 156: Co-host Jeff Shavitz

Our guest for the month is Jeff Shavitz (

Jeff Shavitz

In this episode, Mitchell Levy (, TEDx speaker and the AHA Guy at AHAthat (, introduces his co-host, #ThoughtLeader Jeff Shavitz (, a number-one Amazon bestselling author, an investment banking analyst with four years’ work experience at Lehman Brothers, a merchant advocate, and the CEO of Shavitz Group, whose aim is to help explain to business owners the confusing world of payment processing.

This episode is packed with eye-opening AHAmessages focusing on expense reduction from credit card fees in order to educate business owners in managing payment processing-related transactions and increase company valuation by minimizing credit card expenses.

Jeff’s expertise is largely attributed to his years of experience in the payments processing industry. He pioneered and successfully sold several companies involved in the processing industry, including Charge Card Systems, which he co-founded and led as CEO for 13 years. His eagerness and drive are manifested in all the companies he’s worked with to deliver quality service to his merchant base at competitive pricing. He has extensive technical know-how in providing secure and efficient integrated processing in managing payments of businesses and has maintained relationships born out of the network he has built, with close ties to the banks and merchant processors, including First Data.

Jeff’s business path from being an investment banker in the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur and an independent business owner in the payment processing industry is born out of a realization that he wanted more out of his professional life. Jeff’s passion is to help business owners in explaining hidden fees of credit card processing, the 600+ various interchange rates, and new regulatory fees and sharing new technologies entering the marketplace.

Here are a couple of AHAmessages from the episode. See more in the “AHA Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, AHAthat:

  • If you can save a thousand dollars a month of #CreditCardFees, wouldn’t it be worth it? #ExpenseReduction
  • The smart approach in managing finances is to direct the money to the business owner and not to the credit card processors. #ExpenseReduction
  • #CreditCard companies can legitimately increase your rates. These erroneous fees are difficult to catch; find a merchant advocate that will look at avoiding these mistakes in your statements. #ExpenseReduction
  • A dollar saved on #CreditCardFees is often more valuable than a dollar earned. A dollar saved may be dependent on your tax bracket. When there is money saved, that’s a win! #ExpenseReduction

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