Thought Leader Life 170: Guest Dave Kenney

Improve your brain health with the right neuroscience programs. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Dave Kenney (, the Co-founder and Executive Director at Emergo Recovery, which is a private residential recovery and wellness center focused on a brain-first approach and which specializes in Actualized Recovery.

Dave is a certified brain health coach, a master certified brainwave optimization technician, a certified life coach with a certification in Self-Management for Addiction Recovery (SMART Recovery). His vision is to help people who are struggling to reclaim their lives after struggles with addictions, anxieties, depressions and other debilitating challenges.

To learn more about Dave, go to To get in touch with him, visit

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • The point of pain for people who are struggling is not knowing how to overcome their pain and have a fresh start in life. #BrainHealth @DaveKenney
  • Neuroscience can help answer how the #Brain drives behavior and feelings. Do you know what drives your behavior? @DaveKenney
  • A #BrainFirst approach to recovery and wellness can help address the psychological issues of people who are struggling in life. What approach are you using? @DaveKenney
  • The right #BrainHealth program can help people who are struggling in life and set them on the path to happiness and well-being. What programs are you participating in? @DaveKenney
  • Many years of experience in neuroscience and psychology can give one the credibility to help people who are struggling in life to get on the path to recovery. Consider getting help from someone credible to help you recover. #BrainHealth

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