Thought Leader Life 175: Guest Neil Thompson

Share your ideas effectively by developing your communication skills through public speaking. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Neil Thompson (, founder at Teach the Geek, patent agent, professional speaker, and author.

Neil offers online courses for STEM professionals to develop their public speaking skills. He helps them realize the significance of public speaking for improving communication skills and gaining access to opportunities. Neil focuses on helping STEM professionals gain visibility at work so they can get the promotions and pay raises they deserve.

To learn more about Neil, go to To get in touch with him, visit

Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many STEM professionals is that they struggle with #PublicSpeaking and communicating their ideas effectively with people outside their field. @neil_i_thompson
  • #PublicSpeaking is a helpful skill for STEM professionals in communicating their ideas effectively to people. They should consider working with an expert to help them improve their #PublicSpeakingSkills.
  • Are you working with an expert who knows about #PublicSpeaking and how to communicate effectively? Knowledge about public speaking can give a person the expertise to help STEM professionals improve their #CommunicationSkills.
  • #CommunicationSkills can help STEM professionals speak effectively with people and develop a good rapport with them to gain opportunities. Are you making use of your communication skills to grow your network? @neil_i_thompson
  • #PublicSpeaking can give someone the credibility to help STEM professionals overcome hurdles in communication. Are you getting help from someone who knows how to communicate effectively?

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