Thought Leader Life 182: Guest Dr. Rachel MK Headley

Propel your organization’s success with cultural integration. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Dr. Rachel MK Headley (, CEO at Rose Group Int’l, Owner and Principal at Cobblestone Science LLC, Founder and Vice President of Ecotone Foundation, professional keynote speaker and author. She is also registered with the Hero Club, Forbes Coaches Council and the C-Suite Network.

Rachel conducts consultancy services for executives and leaders. She helps them with matters regarding cultural integration in order to engage their staffs and create high-performing teams. Rachel is focused on helping her clients to overcome the challenges that are brought about by transitions in the workplace and to propel them to success.

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Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many executives and leaders is that they struggle to put systems in place and resolve problems for cultural assessment and #CulturalDevelopment. #CulturalIntegration @sprfsh_rachel
  • #CulturalIntegration can help executives and leaders to engage their staffs and create high-performing teams and a systematized work environment. They should consider working with an expert to help them integrate their culture.
  • Are you working with an expert who knows about #CulturalIntegration? Knowledge of cultural integration can give a person the expertise to help executives and leaders to facilitate a change in their culture.
  • #CulturalDevelopment can help executives and leaders to facilitate a change in a workplace and propel an organization’s success. Are you making use of cultural development as you undergo such transitions? @sprfsh_rachel
  • Doing #CulturalIntegration can give someone the credibility to help executives and leaders to efficiently put their systems in place while facilitating change. Are you getting help from someone who knows cultural integration?

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