Thought Leader Life 193: Guest William Arruda



Harness the power of personal branding to retain your best talent. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, William Arruda (, an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and personal branding pioneer.

William travels worldwide to speak to organizations that want to engage, motivate and retain their best talent. He has inspired millions of professionals to deliver greater value to their companies and has also helped company leaders to create a better workplace for their people through his talks and workshops on personal, corporate and social branding in addition to  career advancement, social media, LinkedIn and employee motivation.

To learn more about William Arruda, go to . To get in touch with him, visit or

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • The pain point of company leaders is not having an innovative methodology in place in order to retain their best talent. #PersonalBranding @WilliamArruda
  • Company leaders who want to retain their best talent need to ensure that people love what they are doing. Talented people are motivated when they can integrate who they are into what they do. @WilliamArruda
  • #PersonalBranding is a process of helping your organization’s #BestTalent figure out who they are and what makes them feel great. It is a process of developing a way to integrate those realizations into what they do.
  • #PersonalBranding can be a great tool if you want to engage, motivate and retain your best talent. Be in the #Know and help people succeed by being themselves. @WilliamArruda
  • Companies that are serious about retaining and growing their best talent should consider putting a methodology in place that puts people at the center of corporate success. How do you put people first? #Personal Branding

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