Thought Leader Life 196: Guest Kimberly Wiefling



Increase your business success through a healthy organizational culture and high employee engagement. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Kimberly Wiefling (, founder and President of Wiefling Consulting, Inc., and a founding member of Silicon Valley Alliances, who specializes in achieving what seems “impossible” through the competitive advantage of highly engaged employees and inspired organizational cultures.

Kimberly coaches and facilitates intensive behavior-changing learning labs, workshops that positively impact leadership and team effectiveness and directly translate into improved business results. She believes, and research has proven, that effective and efficient leadership, team and project management practices lead to more engaged employees, which then translates into an increase in every measure of business success, including profitability.

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Here are a few AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of individuals, teams and organizations is that they are not achieving the team productivity and results that they need to survive and thrive. #TeamEffectiveness @KWiefling
  • Many years of experience in the operational side of business bringing new products to market can give a person the credibility they need to lead and grow a business. Choose someone with credibility. #TeamEffectiveness @KWiefling
  • Effective, engaging leaders guide teams to take on a purpose beyond profit and a mission that matters. How can a company expand its business in a way that will be meaningful to society? #TeamEffectiveness @KWiefling
  • World class team leadership and project management practices lead to healthier teams and increased organizational effectiveness. Are you overcoming dysfunctions typical in organizations? You should! #TeamEffectiveness @KWiefling
  • Want to double productivity and increase profitability? Strengthen cross-functional communication and lead with humility. These powerful tools take the “FUN” out of dysFUNction and engage disengaged employees. #TeamEffectiveness @KWiefling

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