Thought Leader Life 202: Guest Marcus Aurelius Anderson


Lead with pragmatic empathy to add value to people and increase productivity. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Marcus Aurelius Anderson (, a best-selling author, professional keynote and TEDx speaker, mindset coach to leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, and host of the number-one New and Noteworthy iTunes podcast, “Conscious Millionaire Epic Achiever.”

Marcus teaches leaders how to make people actually feel that they care about them as they accomplish great exploits in their careers and life. He trains executives and entrepreneurs to uncover their personal outlook about success, both professionally and personally.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many CEOs and top decision makers is not knowing how to lead their people with #PragmaticEmpathy to add value and increase productivity.
  • Many CEOs and decision makers can benefit from leading with #PragmaticEmpathy, wherein both the productivity and morale of people can level up and work together efficiently. How do you lead your people?
  • Many CEOs and decision makers sometimes aren’t sure how to use their influence and leadership. Consider working with an expert who can help you lead your people better. #PragmaticEmpathy @the1realmarcus
  • CEOs and decision makers who make a lasting impact on others can experience lifelong return on internal fulfillment. What steps are you taking that can build loyalty with your people that goes beyond just a paycheck?
  • Is there a disconnect between what you think is a priority compared to other people in your company? #PragmaticEmpathy can help examine the intention and the whys of your leadership. @the1realmarcus

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