Thought Leader Life 213: Guest Bob Britton


Reach your sales target through an effective sales enablement system. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Bob Britton ( who builds and leads teams and companies so that they have an effective sales enablement function within their organizations that will hit their revenue targets.

Bob helps sales organizations and teams with sales optimization, cross-functional knowledge of management systems, integration of organizational development, leadership development coaching, performance improvement and paradigm alignment.

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Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • The pain point of sales teams and organizations is that they have trouble meeting their top line revenue because selling has become harder in today’s sales environment. #ReachYourSalesTarget
  • Many sales organizations look at selling as climbing a ladder, but it can be more like making an ascent up a rock face, and moving left, right, and sideways. How do you #ReachYourSalesTarget?
  • Being a salesman and being in sales leadership positions for many years can give one the credibility to help organizations reach their sales targets. Consider getting an expert to help you #ReachYourSalesTarget. @SherpaBob
  • Sales enablement is an organizational system that can take disparate functions and make them work together. Is your sales team working together to #ReachYourSalesTarget?
  • Sales enablement is the activity of reducing the friction which can impede sales. Recognizing and addressing these friction points in sales leader behavior and messaging can help you #ReachYourSalesTarget.

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