Thought Leader Life 221: Guest Anne Beninghof


Maximize employee engagement and learning through interactive training. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Anne Beninghof (, an internationally recognized consultant and trainer. She has taught professional development, authored nine books and several videotapes, and is a regular contributor to blogs and webinars.

Anne focuses on engagement-centered learning and emphasizes the power of adding caffeine to presentation design so audience members are awake, alert, and learning. She is passionate about helping companies change their practices as presenters so employees are learning and highly engaged.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of companies is not knowing how to change their practices as presenters so employees are learning and highly engaged. #InteractiveTraining @AnneBeninghof
  • Virtual or in-person sessions that keep employees awake and not multitasking can help companies increase employee learning retention. What methods do you have to keep your employees attentive? #InteractiveTraining @AnneBeninghof
  • An expert in #InteractiveTraining can help companies energize an audience and facilitate adult learning. Consider partnering with one who can help you gain maximum return on training!
  • Companies can benefit from exploring technology tools that will have their employees engaged and focused on learning. What technology tools are you using for employee learning? #InteractiveTraining @AnneBeninghof
  • Research-based design principles, along with an engagement-centered focus, can help companies create effective learning sessions. How can you create effective sessions for employee learning? #InteractiveTraining @AnneBeninghof

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