Thought Leader Life 229: Guest Sylvia Puentes


Be the amazing person you truly are by finding your right voice with the help of transformational coaching. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Sylvia Puentes (, CEO and consultant at Access Joyful Living and Learning,  the Americas regional event creator and certified facilitator at Access Consciousness.

Sylvia conducts transformational coaching for individuals. She helps them develop the confidence and courage they need to get themselves unlocked from something that prevents them from sharing their ideas to others. Sylvia is passionate about helping her clients find the joy in sharing their message to the world and to be seen and heard.

To learn more about Sylvia, go to To get in touch with her, visit

Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many individuals is that they feel locked up by a certain situation and find it hard to open up and express themselves. #TransformationalCoaching
  • #TransformationalCoaching is a great help for many individuals in unlocking themselves from something that prevents them from opening up and expressing themselves to the world.
  • Are you working with an expert who knows about #TransformationalCoaching? Knowledge about transformational coaching can give a person the expertise to help individuals have the courage to let their voices be heard by the world.
  • #TransformationalCoaching can help individuals let go of their past stories and definitions and become more dynamic. Choose to work with an expert who can effectively guide you through transformational coaching.
  • Doing #TransformationalCoaching can give someone the credibility to help individuals become confident and at ease on stage, in a boardroom, or even in family conversations. Are you getting help from someone who knows about transformational coaching?

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