Thought Leader Life 231: Guest Ted Santos


Experience breakthrough by aligning your people and infrastructures with your change initiatives. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Ted Santos, chairman at The Board of Veteran CEOs, which helps chief executive officers drive new revenue growth by equipping them to execute large-scale initiatives.

Ted partners with CEOs to assess their organization’s readiness to change initiatives, identify and exploit new opportunities, and ensure that these opportunities are sustainable by helping them build structures and processes that support new growth.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many CEOs is that they want their business to #ExperienceBreakthrough in revenue growth, but they’re not sure how to execute it with their existing resources.
  • Most CEOs are looking for a breakthrough that creates new markets for them, opens up new revenue sources for their company, and alters their future forever. #ExperienceBreakthrough
  • One of the possible reasons breakthrough initiatives fail is that people often presuppose that it’s a bad idea and they may sabotage it. How do people in your company see your breakthrough initiative? #ExperienceBreakthrough
  • Some CEOs may find themselves lost while executing breakthrough initiatives because the people in their organizations are not yet ready for change. #ExperienceBreakthrough @TedSantos140
  • If you want to #ExperienceBreakthrough, it can help if your leaders, financial infrastructures, and organizational structures are aligned with your change initiatives. @TedSantos140

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