Thought Leader Life 237: Guest Professor M.S. Rao


Overcome leadership challenges with a global mindset by bridging generational gaps in your organization. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Professor M.S. Rao (, a sought-after keynote speaker, international leadership guru, executive coach, and C-Suite advisor and best known as the “Father of Soft Leadership.”

He has authored more than 45 books, including “Vision 2030: One Million Global Leaders.” He also writes actively on in his blog of the same title, where he shares free knowledge with the world.

To learn more about Professor M.S. Rao and to get in touch with him, go to

Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many global organizations is the generational gap and how young people are not trained to take leadership roles. #GlobalMindset
  • Many young people, especially millennials, take leadership responsibilities without the skills and abilities to lead. Do your young leaders need training in your company? #GlobalMindset @ProfessorMSRao
  • Shaping young leaders with a #GlobalMindset can create a harmonious community of exemplary leaders. Partner with an expert in the field with many years of experience in coaching both students and professionals.
  • Leadership is becoming more demanding today than before. Are you a business leader who can benefit from expert advice to run your company in today’s evolving society and environment? #GlobalMindset
  • Endorsements from a credible advisor can build confidence in young leaders to build relationships with like-minded individuals. #GlobalMindset @ProfessorMSRao

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