Thought Leader Life 238: Guest Sean Driscoll


Make your company more profitable by solving people, process, and technology issues. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Sean Driscoll, president of Driscoll Organizational Solutions, which helps companies improve profitability by taking their executive leaders to the next level.

Sean helps company executives and leaders discover inefficiency and ineffectiveness issues within their operations so they can address them and grow their company.

If you’re sitting on the board and don’t think that the plans, actions, and results are operationally efficient in your company, you need to reach out to Sean Driscoll at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Companies that are experiencing inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in their operations should check the work being done by Sean Driscoll at #OperationalEfficiency
  • Every company has a unique way of delivering value. What we do is to dive into the nuts and bolts of operations to see how they’re delivering value through their plans, actions, and results. #OperationalEfficiency
  • We dig deep into our clients’ business systems, including their strategic, structural, and operational components, to see where the inefficiencies or ineffectiveness happens. #OperationalEfficiency @DrOrgSolutions
  • Companies usually get two of these — plans, actions, and results — correct. We come in to find out which one they don’t and help them close gaps in performance or expectations. #OperationalEfficiency @DrOrgSolutions
  • Sometimes, the sales will get ahead of the business, and you start selling things that the business cannot deliver. We help improve the communication between sales and operations. #OperationalEfficiency

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