Thought Leader Life 241: Guest Andy Neary


Grow your business by improving engagement, relationships, and authority. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Andy Neary, the co-founder and business coach at Major League Mindset who helps individuals and companies shift their mindset and remove barriers that prevent them from reaching their goals.

He instills confidence, competence, and course of action into insurance agents through coaching and speaking, so they can be empowered to grow their career.

If you’re an insurance agent who needs to create a brand that people get attracted to, you’ll want to reach out to Andy Neary at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Insurance agents who are buried in the noise of the insurance industry and are having difficulty standing out should see the work being done by Andy Neary at #PowerfulInsuranceBrand
  • I turn insurance producers into brands. The best way for an insurance advisor to grow their business in today’s market is to create strong ERA: engagement, relationships, and authority. #PowerfulInsuranceBrand
  • In baseball, I was judged by Earned Run Average. In insurance, you’re judged by engagement, the relationships you have with your prospects, and the authority you can create in your market. #PowerfulInsuranceBrand
  • In the insurance industry with an overabundance of supply, you can stand out by understanding who your audience is and crafting a clear message for them. #PowerfulInsuranceBrand @ANearyinCO
  • I built my own brand in the insurance industry. What I teach advisors today, I built for myself. I turned myself from an insurance producer into a brand. #PowerfulInsuranceBrand @ANearyinCO

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