Thought Leader Life 243: Guest Carol Sanford


Regenerate your business by quitting ineffective traditional practices. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Carol Sanford, the executive producer at The Regenerative Business Summit who brings highly recognized innovation in the business and nations around the world.

Through her A-rated speeches and highly-praised, award-winning books, Carol teaches tested alternatives to traditional business practices so executives can produce better decisions and financial results.

If you need a change agent who will help you realize the traditional processes that you need to quit and the innovations that you can create, you should get in touch with Carol Sanford by going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Business executives and teams that are dissatisfied with doing “business as usual” but keep doing ineffective traditional practices without knowing it should reach out to Carol Sanford.
  • We often think that the best thing in life is to take accepted best practices and reapply them. But if we keep doing ineffective traditional practices, this can take us down the wrong course. @CarolSanford
  • Businesses need to quit borrowing leadership processes that undermine their ability to have a working democracy. #BusinessRegeneration @CarolSanford
  • Businesses need to realize the ineffective traditional practices that they keep doing. Some of these practices have negative implications on the people they work with and on society. #BusinessRegeneration
  • I help business executives and teams identify ineffective traditional practices that they keep copying, and help them quit these practices and create new ones that work for them. #BusinessRegeneration

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