Thought Leader Life 244: Guest Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville


Discover your leadership style to achieve your vision for your team. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville, who is a bestselling author, consultant, psychotherapist, pioneer in integrative health, executive confidant, and an expert in leadership development.

Dr. Dorothy creates healthy leaders and teams by helping them bring balance, joy, and personal reward back into their lives and their business through executive coaching and consulting.

If you’re a leader who feels like you’ve hit a wall and are looking for help in achieving your vision for your team, get in touch with Dr. Dorothy by going to her website at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Leaders with a vision who hit a brick wall because they can’t get out of their own way or work around external obstacles should get in touch with Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville.
  • Many leaders don’t even understand their own leadership style. They try to fit themselves into a box and end up getting stuck and can’t understand why. If you’re experiencing the same, @AskDrDorothy. #TransformingLeaders
  • When leaders don’t understand their leadership style, they are not fully connected to what feeds them. Because of that, they can sabotage themselves or their team without realizing it. #TransformingLeaders
  • I created a self-assessment tool that helps me and my clients discover their leadership style and the ways they can support their leadership development. #TransformingLeaders @AskDrDorothy
  • After being a therapist for over 25 years and founding four companies, I gained the ability to see the big picture and the details that get in the way of achieving your vision as a leader. #TransformingLeaders @AskDrDorothy

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