Thought Leader Life 248: Guest Randall Englund

Getting the support and success you need with project management. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Randall Englund (, owner of Englund Project Management Consultancy. He is a project management instructor and seminar leader at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies and Project Management Institute, respectively.

Randall conducts project management consulting and training services for project managers, as well as executives and project teams. He is focused on helping his clients get the executive support they need and establish a better environment for them to achieve the success they need.

If you’re a project manager and you’re not getting the executive support you need to be successful with #ProjectManagement, consider reaching out to Randall Englund on his website or

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Project managers working in toxic environments and not getting the upper management support they need to achieve results can look at the work done by Randall Englund. #ProjectManagement
  • If you are not getting the success that you want from your projects, assess and define the problem why you’re not successful. Clarify problems before working on solutions. #ProjectManagement
  • After identifying the problem, figure out ways to get project management support in place. Work with sponsors to build healthy work environments, develop a more complete skill set, and manage up the organization to get the support needed to be successful. #ProjectManagement
  • Project managers who are interested and want to get better can work with me. I provide reference materials and teach necessary skills for them to be successful. #ProjectManagement
  • I teach project managers and teams how to negotiate, how to be salespersons, and how to use influence skills to be more effective. This paves the way to get executives’ attention and get them trained to establish necessary management support. #ProjectManagement

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