Thought Leader Life 251: Guest Jennifer Radke

Elevate your social media strategy skills, knowledge, and status with social media certification. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jennifer Radke (, CEO at the National Institute for Social Media and owner and chief strategist at Socially Inspired. She is a certified social media instructor, international speaker, and trainer.

Jennifer conducts training about social media strategy for agencies and their staff to help them get equipped and certified. She is well-versed in various areas of social media and has undergone continuous training to keep up with the everchanging market. Jennifer is passionate about helping her clients improve their skills and knowledge in social media strategy to elevate their status and become recognized.

If you are running a marketing agency and want to update your staff’s #SocialMediaStrategy skills and get #SocialMediaCertification to elevate your status, consider reaching out to Jennifer Radke at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Agencies that are not being valued or recognized for their marketing abilities should look at the work of Jennifer Radke. #SocialMediaCertification @RadkeJen
  • If you want your agency to be valued or recognized for its marketing abilities, do you have the certification to support your claim? Have you undergone sufficient education and training about #SocialMediaStrategy? #SocialMediaCertification @RadkeJen
  • Having members undergo continuing education and training and become certified #SocialMediaStrategists benefits agencies, as this helps them become more valued and recognized in the field of social media marketing. #SocialMediaCertification @RadkeJen
  • Undergoing continuing education to stay certified gives #SocialMediaStrategists the credibility to work in various areas of social media for other brands. This, in turn, elevates their status. #SocialMediaCertification @RadkeJen
  • Agencies should get all their staff certified. It is a value proposition that they sell to their clients about consistency, quality, and continuing education, keeping up with the latest and greatest. #SocialMediaCertification @RadkeJen

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