Thought Leader Life 255: Guest Judith Briles

Successfully write a book by understanding who your reader is. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Judith Briles, a book publishing and marketing expert with 37 books that have been published with foreign publications in 16 countries. She has a depth of experience within the publishing and writing fields. Judith has connections with vendors and associates that will bring your book concept and vision to life.

As an advocate for authors, Judith knows publishing inside and out, from both the traditional and independent sides. She is passionate about helping authors overcome their fear of rejection and successfully write their book. Judith describes herself in two words: author advocate.

If you want to learn how to overcome your fear of rejection and successfully write a book, you should consider reaching out to Judith Briles by visiting her website and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Authors who want to successfully write a book but are afraid of being rejected should reach out to #AuthorAdvocate Judith Briles. @JudithBriles
  • If you want to successfully write a book, the first step is to understand who your reader is. Do you know your readers? Only then can you supply the solution, relax, and start doing whatever is your thing. #AuthorAdvocate @JudithBriles
  • Not everyone is going to like, love, or agree with you. But do you know that there are millions out there who are looking for you? That is who you are writing for and talking to! #AuthorAdvocate @JudithBriles
  • What I do is try to find your core message and bring it alive. I can help you write it, gut it, or rewrite it. I can help you bring your book to life! #AuthorAdvocate
  • I am a good listener and intuitive. I pay attention to the five senses and incorporate them into what I’m hearing my clients say, so I can start helping them write their book. #AuthorAdvocate

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