Thought Leader Life 256: Guest Tracy Roesch Williams

Use an effective vision mapping system to truly achieve your goals. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Tracy Roesch Williams, an East Coast transplant and founder of Alaska Tracy who helps connects heads to hearts using her vision mapping system.

Tracy helps entrepreneurs and executive teams create real tangible goals, actions, and outcomes using her vision mapping system.

If you’re a female entrepreneur working hard in the business but not achieving everything you need to achieve, you should reach out to Tracy Roesch Williams at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Women entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed working in the business but are struggling to have clarity on how to achieve their goals should see the work being done by Tracy Roesch Williams. #VisionMapping
  • Often, our heads lie to us, and we start moving toward something without using our heart. My #VisionMapping system will help you connect your head to your heart so you can have clarity.
  • Many people have done vision boards by taking photos and sticking them somewhere they can always see them. When our subconscious mind picks up those photos, those things suddenly start to appear in our lives. #VisionMapping @AlaskaTracy
  • I use my #VisionMapping system so women entrepreneurs can create a detailed written plan that will help them gain clarity, confidence, calmness, and prosperity. @AlaskaTracy
  • Imagine if we go deeper with our vision boards. We can write actual goals with action steps as to where, when, how, why, who, and what will help us achieve that goal. #VisionMapping

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