Thought Leader Life 259: Guest Ben Baker

Retain your employees by effective engagement and brand story tactics.  This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Ben Baker, who has spent 25 years helping people communicate the value of their brand.

Through workshops and consultations, Ben works with his clients to help them engage, retain and grow their most valuable assets, their employees, and to build leaders at all levels.

If you’re a CEO or a VP HR with the responsibility to retain people in your organization, but your employee retention rate keeps going down much faster than you want, you’re going to want to reach out to Ben Baker at

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • CEOs and VP HRs who painfully watch $100,000 walking out the door every time an employee leaves should see the work being done by Ben Baker at #RetainYourEmployees
  • I’m one of those consultants who looks at things, holds you by the hand and says, “Let’s fix the problem.” I don’t want to just come in there, point a finger, give you a report and walk away. #RetainYourEmployees @YourBrandMrktng
  • We start by having a conversation with various teams to understand the pain points. Where is the communication or onboarding breakdown? Where is the culture breakdown? What are the things that are not going as well as they could? #LeadingAtAnyLevel
  • If you talk to various teams in silos, and then you bring all that info together, you get a pretty good view of the whole. #LeadingAtAnyLevel
  • It’s a matter of giving small teams the ability to sit there and have a conversation in order to see their point of view without having everybody over their shoulder all at once. #LeadingAtAnyLevel

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