Thought Leader Life 261: Guest Dr. Stephen Long

Find out and fill in the leadership gap with strategic execution. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Dr. Stephen Long (, founder and president at Motere Consulting.

Stephen specializes in human performance, leadership development, talent optimization and strategic execution consulting services for business leaders based on his statistically based predictive model of Human Performance & Leadership. His model is composed of valid measurements and proven educational programs helping financially underperforming, plateaued or special situation organizations where strategy might be sound, but execution is lacking. Stephen is dedicated to helping his clients be equipped with the skills to execute strategy consistently to the best of their ability.

If you want to achieve a specific goal for your business but feel there is a leadership gap, reach out to Dr. Stephen Long by visiting his website at and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • The problem leaders face is they don’t which lever to pull — change the strategy or emphasize better execution? Stephen’s model empowers leaders to accurately identify the problem and then fill the gap. #StrategicExecution @SteveLong24
  • Business leaders who face challenges, but are unable to correctly identify their problems are unaware of how much money they are losing. They should look at the work of Dr. Stephen Long. #StrategicExecution @SteveLong24
  • Most business leaders have a hard time knowing exactly where to start because they don’t know what’s the real problem. You need figure out the core of the problem first to be able to find the optimal solution. #StrategicExecution @SteveLong24
  • The Unknown Unknowns are causes of problems that business leaders are unable to recognize. Many business leaders don’t know what’s causing their problems and as a result how much money they are losing. #StrategicExecution @SteveLong24
  • Identifying the core problem and what causes it helps business leaders improve their leadership and business while avoiding further losses. #StrategicExecution @SteveLong24

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