Thought Leader Life 265: Guest Ken Kilday

Get lasting business results by finding your flow state. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Ken Kilday, who is the founder and President of New-Tough Leader Business Coaching. He helps business leaders work on the business, rather than in it, for lasting business results and high morale.

In various leadership roles for the past 30 years, Ken has built high-producing teams using the New-Tough Leader method for consistent results, strong team engagement and reliable growth in an atmosphere of trust. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners get lasting business results by finding their flow state.

If you are not achieving lasting business results and if you want to find out what your flow state is, you should consider reaching out to Ken Kilday by visiting his website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders who are not getting lasting business results and who want to find out what their #FlowState is, should reach out to Ken Kilday at @kdkphoenix
  • If you want to share your vision, unify your people and develop a succession plan, the starting point is to find out what flow means for you. Do you know what your #FlowState is? @kdkphoenix
  • Flow is the magic that occurs when we do something we enjoy and are passionate about it. Understanding #Flow can help you unlock the magic in every person you are working with to get lasting business results. @kdkphoenix
  • Do you have those AHA moments about why you have not been getting lasting business results? If you do, then you understand that you need to find out what your #FlowState is. I can help you find your flow!
  • I spent 12 years in the grocery industry and 18 years in financial services. I built and grew teams in new branches and existing locations. This gives me the perceived credibility to help my clients get lasting business results. #FlowState

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