Thought Leader Life 266: Guest Ramon Ray

Grow your business by simplifying your leverage of technology. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Ramon Ray (, who is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, journalist, event producer and host and global speaker. Ramon is the founder of Smart Hustle Media and and is the producer of the annual Smart Hustle Growth Conference in New York City.

A four-time entrepreneur himself, Ramon knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and he communicates his insights to audiences around the world. He is passionate about helping small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs to use technology to grow their businesses.

If you are scared and afraid, and do not know what technology to use for your business, you should consider reaching out to Ramon Ray by visiting his website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs who are scared and afraid, and do not know what technology to use for their businesses, should reach out to Ramon Ray. #SimplifyTechnology @RamonRay
  • There are so many options out there for your business. It is easy to get overwhelmed. Do you know what technology or marketing package to use? I can help #SimplifyTechnology choices for you. @RamonRay
  • I can help you find one or two technology or marketing solutions that can help your business. That’s what I do best. I distill and make things simple and fearless for the business owner. #SimplifyTechnology @RamonRay
  • You need a personal thought leader who will help guide you through the best technology options for your business. I can help distill these options for you. I can help figure out what technology will help grow your business. #SimplifyTechnology
  • I started four companies and sold two of them. I wrote four bestselling books and produced many events for thousands of people. That gives me the perceived credibility to help you #SimplifyTechnology to grow your business.

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