Thought Leader Life 267: Guest Jonathan Keyser

Win your commercial real estate transactions by learning selfless service. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Jonathan Keyser, who is an industry disrupting entrepreneur, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal number one best-selling author and founder of the Keyser Institute.

With business advisory, training and workshops, Jonathan teaches leaders and individuals to identify and refocus internal mindsets in order to serve others without concern for personal gain.

If you’re sitting on the board of a public or private company, and you recognize the importance of real estate in the things that you do, you’d want to reach out to Jonathan Keyser at

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • CFOs who don’t realize that the commercial real estate broker they’re working with is not really on their side should reach out to Jonathan Keyser at #TransparencyInRealEstate
  • Traditional commercial real estate firms primarily represent landlords and developers but most of their revenue comes from representing tenants, which is a clear conflict of interest. Is your broker truly on your side? #TransparencyInRealEstate
  • Our firm eliminates the inherent conflict between the interest of the landlords and that of the tenants. We only represent the tenant side of transactions. #TransparencyInRealEstate @KeyserCo
  • In the ruthless, very cutthroat and 100 percent commission-based industry of commercial real estate, our firm brings a spirit of selfless service through principle-based #SelflessLeadership. @KeyserCo
  • In an org where culture is not prioritized, you lose your best people and you’re not able to recruit those you want. Through the Keyser Institute, we train, empower and certify the next generation of selfless leaders. #SelflessLeadership. @KeyserCo

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