Thought Leader Life 271: Guest Richard McPartlin

Create more sales and profit through the science of revenue generation. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Rick McPartlin (, the CEO and president of The Revenue Game, LLC, past fractional chief revenue officer at Tomar Electronics, FMS and Quadras Corporation, advisory board member at Shared Performance, and Vistage speaker.

Rick conducts business strategies consulting services for companies, particularly about revenue generation. He is dedicated to helping his clients and companies fundamentally change the way they generate sales and revenue.

If you’re not managing chaos appropriately and don’t know what #RevenueGeneration strategies do to execute creating more sales and profits, consider reaching out to Rick McPartlin by visiting his website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Companies that are wondering how to continually, intentionally, and always create more sales and profits should look at the work being done by Rick McPartlin. #RevenueGeneration @RickTrg1
  • Revenue Science is the context for business. It’s what will create long-term business health. As medical science works for humans, the same kind of discipline in scientific management is needed for companies. #RevenueGeneration @RickTrg1
  • Knowing this discipline can make companies understand that certain things are supported by science, and makes their world better. It makes their customers know what their value proposition is. #RevenueGeneration @RickTrg1
  • If companies don’t understand their revenue context, then they’re often working on the wrong stuff. Science helps us understand the difference between “dumb stuff” and the science. #RevenueGeneration @RickTrg1
  • “Dump stuff” creates the cost of the chaos to produce the revenue. Average chaos for a B2B company is between 20% and 40%. Consider getting an expert to eliminate the “dumb stuff” that holds down your company’s growth and erodes margin. @RickTrg1

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